Good Things Grocer: all the good things, all the time

Come and raid our pantry

We’re the gourmet deli you’ve always wished was around the corner.

Around here, food is our community, and we’re bringing the best gourmet goodies to Brisbane’s southside. From the farmers and producers we partner with to the local community we feed, food is life, love and everything in between.

We’re your local foodie hub, where you can grab your essentials like sourdough baked from locally milled flour to farm-fresh fruit, before wandering the aisles discovering the treats and temptations you can’t leave on the shelf. Funky ferments, hand made chocolates, local and imported cheeses along with all your deli must haves, just begging to be tried with your favourite bev. Don't forget our ready-to-go meals to give you the night off cooking as well. Or maybe you just want a good coffee (Allpress, thanks) and a warm smile, both freshly brewed by our crew of legends.

Either way we are serving up abundant offerings, delicious food and the friendliest of welcomes. Just like around our kitchen table.

In store now

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Fruit & Vege

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Gourmet food grocer tarragindi

All The Yums

Farm-fresh fruit & vege

We live for the crisp tartness of biting into a freshly picked Stanthorpe apple and the heavy, sweet scent of a tray of ripe Bowen mangoes. Picture that summer vibe of nectarine juice trickling down your fingers, the soft fuzz of a ripe peach and the sweet crunch of a carrot. That’s the type of fruit and vege we’re all about here at Good Things Grocer. The freshest, most flavoursome produce you’ll find, all under our roof.  

We like our fruit and vege so fresh it’s still warm from the sun. And thanks to our strong connections with local farmers and producers, we’re not far off. We’ve even got Kym’s dad still working the family farm to guarantee us the freshest deliveries (as well as the occasional awkward selfie). What we can’t source from him, we get from our growing family of farmers. We make a point of getting to know our growers, so we can bring you the pick of the crop. Fruit and vege that has a flavour - there’s nothing tasteless about that.

Freshly picked flowers

Statice with your lettuce? We source beautiful blooms from local flower farms so you can bring a little colour and brightness into your home.

Treat your friends, your family, yourself. We’re big supporters of Mother Earth, so we keep things strictly seasonal around here - let’s just say what flowers we include makes for another lovely surprise.

Good coffee. Good food.

Food is the heart and soul of any community.

We’re bringing everyone together at our version of the kitchen table, grinding freshly roasted Allpress beans and stocking the cabinet with grab-and-go eats and sweets that hit the spot. Made on freshly baked sourdough and packed with the freshest produce and our favourite condiments and tasty extras.


Round it off with freshly baked sweet treats or a tasty morsel from our very carefully chosen chocolate and confectionery and you’ll leave happy.

Pantry staples & deli delights

Around here, there’s nothing we love more than sitting down with friends to share the good stuff. We’re sure you love it too. We’ve hand-selected a tidy range of boutique cheese, salumi, ferments and the kind of goodies that turn ‘just one more’ into an empty plate.

Everyone deserves good things. 

We’re also fully stocked with quality pantry staples that turn a Monday evening meal into a feast - handmade pastas, passata Nonna would be proud of, and the perfect parmigiano.

The Good Things Grocer story

For us, sharing food is about community. It’s laughs, delicious eats and time spent with the best company. At Good Things Grocer, we combine the two things we love most: people and the best gourmet food. We’re your local south Brisbane destination for all the essentials, and the not-so-essential goodies that make eating a joy. We want you to drop in for our freshly baked sourdough, be tempted by our fresh produce, and find yourself walking out with cheese, salumi, pantry staples and even a little treat and a coffee for yourself. All with a smile. That’s what brings us joy.